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Union County is next to the bustling metropolitan area of Charlotte but has its own charm and character for its residents.

At Showcase Realty, located in Charlotte, our Union County real estate agents are trained in the specific knowledge of Charlotte and its surrounding areas. This means that when you are ready to buy or sell your Union County home, our real estate agents at Showcase Realty are able to provide you with the best real estate services in the area.

Union County is a family friendly area, close to everything you’ll need but not in the middle of a rat race. The rural hills throughout the area are home to poultry farms, hundreds of acres of crops and horses and cattle. If the small town character of this county doesn’t hook you, the people and the charm will.

There are tons of events to keep neighbors updated and connected, including parades and festivals throughout the towns. Union County residents are never too busy to say “hello” when you run into them around town. The connectedness throughout the community is just one of the great things this county has to offer.
Brooklandwood, in Mineral Springs, is the site of the annual Queens Cup Steeplechase, one of steeplechase horse racing’s major events. Residents and visitors spend the day watching the horses and judging tailgates!

There are several camping areas and athletic fields in Union County as well as the Cane Creek Park, a family oriented and water based park sprawling across 1,050 acres of land. Cane Creek Park offers a naturally beautiful environment for a variety of outdoor activities that everyone can enjoy! All amenities at the park are surrounded by the lake, providing fun on the water and on land.

At Showcase Realty, we want you to know that we have a vested interest in helping you get the best possible home, a home that you will love and enjoy for years to come. You will not have to worry or second guess about the home’s value, environment, inner workings or process of purchase when you work with our top real estate agents. If you decide you don’t like your home, we will sell it for free.*

Call Showcase Realty and let our Union County real estate agents help you sell your home and move into your new dream home in the Union County area. With Showcase Realty, your home is guaranteed to sell within 120 days or we will pay you $2,500.*
*Some conditions apply

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